Diamantor Geneve Paris London

Diamantor : Grinding machine / Repair of aluminum wheels

INNOVATION for the aluminum wheels repair
Technical evolution at the service of ECOLOGY
QUALITY of manufacture Switzerland


  • Suitable for aluminum rims, diameter from 11 » to 25 » and width from 5 » to 12 »
  • Universal device mounting for almost type of rims
  • Fanuc numerical control machine.
  • Machine including its necessary and adapted accessories.
  • Machine including its manual of use.
  • Machine delivered with a batch of spare parts to make first reparations in case of machine dysfunction.
  • Machine warranty: 1 year.


  • 4 rims by hour – equivalent to a cycle time of 15 minutes by rim


  • Workstation ergonomics adapted to the operator and facilitating its use without physical effort.
  • Secure workstation using machine cover for the operator protection.
  • Machine meeting international safety standards.
Diamantor Geneve Paris London


    • Machine specifically designed for grinding and repairing aluminum rims (the only specialized machine available on the market).
    • Optimal profitability thanks to high productivity
    • Repetitively of the process thanks to numerical control system and copying system.
    • Ecological process for optimal recycling of aluminum wheels
    • The worker can use easily DIAMANTOR machine after a short training.
    • Thanks to the reduced cost of rim reparation, it can be covered by insurance companies
    • Thanks to the hotline service included, it facilitates the maintenance of DIAMANTOR


  • You can request more detailed and comprehensive training for operators (workers).